"Occult" for Halloween



Happy Halloween my little (and not so little) creatures of the night...boo


© Ari Dane 2007

 I’ve never seen a ghost

or got a message from the dead

I’ve never seen the future

when the Tarot cards were read

I’ve gone through life undaunted

Never haunted in my sleep

Never battled with a demon

or heard a banshee wail and weep


I’ve never met a ghoul

who was wracked with the desire

to suck upon my neck

like the Dracula vampire

I’ve yet to meet a witch

who might fill my heart with fright

or a man who changes to a wolf

when the full moon’s shining bright


Tho Edgar Allen Poe’s

my favorite bed time story

I’ve never witnessed anything

so bloody or so gory


I’ve never known the horror

or experienced the chill

of a Phantom of the Opera

or a house like Amityville

I’ve never known a mummy

or an ancient voodoo curse

“Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble”

is just a nonsense verse


I’ve never seen a poltergeist

who’s presence made me shrink

The only spirits I have known

came in a good stiff drink


Houdini hasn’t called me

neither has my uncle Fred

They’re either much too busy

or, when you’re dead,

you’re dead


It’s hard for me to buy these tales

My life is undramatic

I write my words deliberately

They’re never automatic...


just in case these guys are right

Those who claim that they’ve been through it

If the I.R.S. should audit me...

I’ll say,

the devil made me do it!