Dear One & All,

OK...so I can see by the ol'TV that the weather pretty much sucks no matter where you live and so I don't realy expect much in the way of sympathy for the last few miserable, rainy beach days...gloomy...starin' out the window at a stretch of deserted, sandy beach and sullen, grey sea...got me thinkin'...



c. aridane 2010

 As I pondered weak and weary

Thinkin’ about Old Tim Leary

Was there something he did know?

Shared between himself and Poe?

 Other than a sense of dread

Other than they both are dead

Other than what’s plain to see

Psychosis and some LSD

 Both can get the walls to  wavin’

Roads to hell in need of pavin’

Don’t ask me, I ain’t no maven’

Go and ask the fuckin’ Raven!